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English 1101 - Essay Topics – Group III Readings Choose one of the following ideas to compose your essay. Please formulate your thesis statement and outline ahead of time. You may conduct some of your research outside of class although time will be allowed to do this. The actual composition must be written in class. Your essay should be two-three pages or 500-750 words, and it must contain at least one quote or paraphrase from your reading text as well as two quotes or paraphrases from other credible sources. If you are not sure that your source is considered credible, you should ask. An outline and a works cited are required. Please make sure you have enough money on your print card before coming to class. If you have any questions, please email me at . Charles Darwin, “ from Origin of Species” – p. 238 1. What about Darwin’s theory makes it appear incompatible with the idea of a divine plan? Or to what extent is Darwin’s theory compatible? 2. What traditional view of the human/nature relationship is disrupted by Darwin’s
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