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English 1101 - Essay Topics – Group IV Readings Choose one of the following ideas. Formulate your thesis statement and outline at home. Conduct your research at home or in class. Compose essay in class—500 to 750 words Include three citations/sources, one being the text. Submit outline and works cited with essay Email questions to [email protected] . Suzanne Pharr, “Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism” – p. 516 1. How do homophobia, discrimination, and violence against lesbians and gays have a direct negative effect on society? 2. Why is society so threatened by homosexuality? What is ultimately behind the need to control the innate sexuality of others? Susan Griffin, “The Sacrificial Lamb” – p. 526 3. What causes one marginalized group to revile another marginalized group? 4. How does self-loathing figure into the suspicion that one marginalized group feels for another? Ann Petry, “Like a Winding Sheet” – p. 532
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