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Math 1111-11. Guided Notes. Sections 2.1. Linear Equations, Functions, and Model s Definitions Equation – Statement that 2 expressions are equal. Solve – Find all values that satisfy the equation. Each value that satisfies an equation is a solution . All of the solutions of an equation form the solution set for the equation. Linear Equations in One Variable Ex. Solve. x x 8 15 6 2 - = - 11 5 3 2 = + x Zeros of Functions – c is a zero of a function if f(c) = 0. In other words, the zeros are the . Ex. Find the zero(s) of 3 2 ) ( + = x x f . Formula – An equation that models a situation. Examples: Distance = Rate * Time rt d = Simple Interest t I Pr = where I = Interest earned, P = principal (amount of original investment), r = interest rate (decimal), and t = number of years. Alternate: A = P + Prt where A is the final value (interest + principal) Perimeter of Rectangle w l P 2 2 + = Ex. Solve w l P 2 2 + = for w.
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Modeling Steps: 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Read the problem carefully. 2. If possible, draw a picture to organize your information. 3. Define your variables. 4. Write the equation that “models” the problem. 5. Solve the equation. 6. Make sure you answer the question(s) asked. Examples 1. In a triangle ABC, angle A is 3 times as large as angle B and is 40 degrees smaller than angle C. Find all of the angle measures. 2. (p. 191, #32) Television’s most popular series finale of all time, the last episode of “M*A*S*H,” was seen by twice as many viewers as the series finale of “Friends.” Together, the two finales had 157.5 million viewers. How many viewers watched each episode? 3. (p. 191, #34) Khalid makes an investment of 4% simple interest. At the end of 1 year, the total value of the investment is $1560. How much was originally invested?...
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Sect+2-1+Guided+Notes - Read the problem carefully 2 If...

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