Lecture Outline 1 - Lecture Outline 1 - Physiology as a...

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Lecture Outline 1 - Physiology as a Science Silverthorn Ref. Ch. 1 Learning Objectives: What? (define the topic); Where? (visual location); When? (timeline of events); Why? (purpose to topic); How? (sequence of events/mechanism); If X, then what happens? 1-1. Define the branches of Human Science by each branches name and knowledge gained to explain human existence 1-2. Describe the anatomical organs of each organ system and explain each system’s primary and secondary purposes 1-3. Define the science of Physiology, the types of questions investigated and the method of acquiring answers 1-4. List, define, and explain important physiological THEMES currently identified Key Terminology Anatomy - Atom - Molecule -Cell – Chemistry – Organ System – Physiology – Pathophysiology - Scientific Method - Hypothesis -Data - Variable – Experiment – Experimental Conclusion - Homeostasis – Molecular & Cell Physiology - Set Point -Integration - Input - Output - Production - Metabolism – Adaptation – Physiological Questions – Physiological theme I. Human Science and Associated fields of study A. Branches of Study 1. Primary Sciences: Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Pathophysiology (disease), & Exercise Physiology (improvement/opposite of patho.) 2. Secondary Science: Chemistry, Physics (measure of change—mostly energy), B. Organization of living Matter: Concepts important for full comprehension 2. Organelles 3. Cells- basic unit of living things: adaptability to change--responsiveness (growth/gaining specialized function); utilization of energy (maintaining organization, not equilibrium); reproduce 4. Tissues- nervous, muscle, epithelial, connective
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Lecture Outline 1 - Lecture Outline 1 - Physiology as a...

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