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Ipsita Chatterjee: Excerpts on value \ sign value Reference: Packaging of identity and identifiable packages: A case study of women- commodity negotiation through product packaging. Gender, Place and Culture, (2007) vol. 14(3) With the emergence of a monetized economy, money became the “alienated ability of mankind” (Tucker, 1972), a tool for realizing all that a human herself/himself was incapable of producing. The utility of commodities is codified as ‘use values’, for example, the warmth of wool, the nutrition of bread, which could be purchased in exchange for the universal arbiter, a certain quantity of money. The exchange value therefore referred to the rate at which one good could be exchanged for another. The market created a new realm of abstract exchange where real goods like wool and bread could be exchanged for abstract goods like money (Miller, 1987). The sellers, in turn, invented newer symbolic abstractions like advertisements, packaging and labeling to exhibit the use values of commodities in order to increase their exchange value. Through these abstractions the consumer obtains only a symbolic idea of a
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Chatterjee_excerpts_Sign_value - Ipsita Chatterjee:...

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