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Definitions: Culture- Refers to a whole ‘way of life’ including various attributes like food, clothing, shelter, language, livelihood, customs, traditions, rituals of a people, thus symbolizing an entire ‘mode of existence’. Culture thus encompasses both unique aspects as well as more general/common aspects of existence. Cultural geography- studies not only the distribution of different culture over space, but it also understands how culture is inherently bound up with place. i.e. how people attribute meaning and personality to place (for example building a house, gardening,
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Unformatted text preview: putting up a fence represents human attribution of meaning to space to create a home place), and how place attributes identity and meaning to people ( for example, notions like southern people are friendly and hospitable, French people are different form Americans). This two way interaction between people and place is mediated by culture and is also referred to as the socio-spatial dialectic of culture ....
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