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Max Weber (1864-1920) – Brief outline General thesis  – Religion produces modern economic society Specific   - -   Protestant   religion,   more   particularly   Calvinism   as   a   sect   of  Protestantism   produces   industrial   capitalism.   Main   tenets   of   Calvinism   like,  calling, predestination, and transcendence  induces followers of Calvinism to  be hard working, practical, rational, profit seeking, religious yet open to science,  conservative yet socially conscious, and invested in the community.  Calling-   God   ‘calls’   every   individual   to   a   particular   occupation,   and   each  individual should pursue his/her calling to the best of his/her ability. The calling is  usually the family occupation, or some other occupation which an individual  chooses to follow. An individual may have more than one calling, as long as 
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Unformatted text preview: he/she is not unfaithful to one or the other. Predestination- At birth God decides whether an individual is going to be an ‘elect’ or not. If one is an elect, one goes to heaven. Since individuals can never know during their life time whether they are an ‘elect’ or not, they suffer from existential angst, and in order to relieve the existential angst, they work hard to prove to themselves that they are the ‘elect’. They do not waste time, they are not extravagant, they engage in meticulous, organized, repetitive hard work. As labor leads to true realization of God. Transcendence- God made the earth and transcended it; he removed himself away from every day activities of the individual. He is busy elsewhere....
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