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DC_Circuits_1_0212_handout - Direct Current(DC Circuits...

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cceleration in One Dimension PHYS 0212 DC Circuits 1 Direct Current (DC) Circuits This experiment has four parts: 3. Construct a Voltmeter to measure voltage. 2. Construct an Ohmmeter to measure electrical resistance. 4. Measure the internal resistance of a galvanometer. 1. Construct an Ammeter to measure electrical current. { Using a Galvanometer Electrical charge is a fundamental property of matter, like mass, and may be either positive or negative. The unit of electrical charge is the Coulomb (C). 19 1.0 C 1.602 10 electrons = − × Electrical Current (I) – The amount of charge flowing past a given point per unit time. Coulomb Ampere (amp or A) second = PHYS 0212 DC Circuits 2 Voltage (V) – The energy per unit of charge. Joule Volt (V) Coulomb = The Voltage and the Current are related by Ohm’s Law : V IR = R = Resistance, units are: Volt Ohm ( ) Amp = A circuit is a closed path for electrical current. + - 1. Electrons gain potential energy in the battery. 2. They leave the positive end of the battery and travel to the filament of the light bulb. 3. They lose potential energy in the filament by converting it to light and heat. 4. The electrons return to the negative end of the battery and gain more potential energy.
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cceleration in One Dimension PHYS 0212 DC Circuits 3 + - V R A circuit is often drawn using a schematic – Lines represent wires and symbols represent circuit elements. I I V IR = If the voltage of the battery is V = 1.5 V and the resistance is R = 100 , what is the current in the circuit? V I R = 1.5 V 0.015 A 100 I = = 15 mA I = PHYS 0212 DC Circuits 4 Note that adding resistors in series increases the effective resistance.
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DC_Circuits_1_0212_handout - Direct Current(DC Circuits...

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