Week 1 - factors. • Addition and Subtraction o For...

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Gen. Chem 0110 Peer Leading Dustin Plowman Prof. Petoud January 10, 2008 DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS 1) How many seconds are in 2 years? 2) How many cm are in 6.00 inches?  3) Convert 50.0 mL to liters 4) What is the density of mercury (13.6 g/cm 3 ) in units of kg/m 3 ? SIGNIFICANT FIGURES
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Conventions for reading and writing significant figures: Any nonzero digit is significant. Any zero sandwiched between two other significant digits is significant. Exact numbers have an unlimited number of significant digits. A zero to the left of a number is not significant. A zero to the right of the number, and the right of the decimal, is  significant. Calculations with Significant Figures:  Multiplication and Division o The # of sig figs in the answer equals the smallest # in the original 
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Unformatted text preview: factors. • Addition and Subtraction o For addition and subtraction, focus on just the decimal places. Decide which number has the fewest significant decimal places, and then report your answer to this smallest number of decimal places. 1) In each of the following numbers, underline all of the significant digits, and give the total number of significant digits. a. 3.14 b. 3.14159 c. 111 d. 101 e. 10001 f. 0.578 g. 0.00578 h. 0.0000578 i. 0.05708 j. 11,000 k. 101,000 l. 50 2) Perform each of the following operations and round to the appropriate number of significant figures. (6.02 x 1023)(0.39) = 45.94 - 44.74 = 45.687 + 121.4684 =...
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Week 1 - factors. • Addition and Subtraction o For...

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