Plant Nutrition

Plant Nutrition - a) Opening and closing of the stomata:

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Dustin Plowman Peer Leading Session: 11/13/07 1)   Denote the following as being either Autotroph  or Heterotroph  and if applicable,  specify Photo  or Chem a) Bacteria that utilize the oxidation of inorganic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide,  ammonium or ferrous iron as energy source _________________________________ b) Plants and other organisms that carry out photosynthesis. __________________________ c) Organism obtains nitrogen from organic compounds,  but  not energy.  ______________________ d) Obtains energy from light and must obtain carbon in an organic form.  _____________________ e) Obtains energy from the consumption of organic molecules and an organic form of carbon:  __________________________ f) Humans are ________________________ 2) Name the nutrient that is responsible for the various plant functions:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Opening and closing of the stomata: _____________________________ b) Cellular respiration: __________________________ c) Photosynthesis, specifically the formation of ATP (hint: chlorophyll): _________________________ d) Production of ATP:_________________________ 3) Describe the varying size of rock particles and the characteristics of each one. 4) What important property of clay makes it invaluable for nutrient uptake by the plant? 5) Draw, compare, and contrast ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal fungi . Describe its relationship with the plant. 5) What is the cation anion exchange that takes place in the soil? What facilitates it?...
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Plant Nutrition - a) Opening and closing of the stomata:

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