Cemetery Hill final draft - History 161 T/Tr 11-12:15...

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History 161 T/Tr 11-12:15 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania….July 1, 1863…Evening…. The events of the day had progressed innocently, quickly and violently. The day began with a routine scouting mission by a Confederate division under General Heth; possibly looking for local militia, and finding Union cavalrymen instead, the fighting started out slowly and escalated at a frightening pace. The Confederates approaching from the north and west, and the Union from the south, reinforcements for both sides rushed to what many believe to be the most decisive battle of the Civil War. And Gettysburg would never be the same again… Ultimately outnumbered by the Confederates, Union cavalrymen and infantry, headed by Buford and Reynolds respectably, bought as much time as possible by a delaying action to the north and west of town. Resisting continued assaults by the men of General Heth’s division, the Union held on until early afternoon when the XI Corps arrived to help. Not to be outdone, by late afternoon the confederates had added to their position Ewell’s Corps, attacking from the north. Understandably, the union line pulled out and slowly retreated south through town to regroup on the high ground of Cemetery Hill. Were it not for Lee’s vague instructions to Ewell to “carry the hill occupied by the
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Cemetery Hill final draft - History 161 T/Tr 11-12:15...

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