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08FALLLive Intro363 - Welcome to HDFS 363 Human Development from Adolescence to Old Age This is a regular semesterlong course delivered in an

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Unformatted text preview: Welcome to HDFS 363 Human Development from Adolescence to Old Age This is a regular, semesterlong course, delivered in an unusual and flexible format This is NOT a selfpaced course Even though you view lectures at your convenience, we have a schedule to follow to be prepared for assignments and exams. How to view the lectures in this course: On any computer connected to the internet through a fast connection Links to the lecture files and accompanying study materials may be found by logging into [email protected] (registered students only) Course Requirements 41 Modules Be sure to work through ALL modules. Keep up the pace we set so that you'll be prepared for web discussions, assignments, and the exams. Normally you should cover 3 modules per week, or two modules during weeks with holidays or exams. Begin this week with modules 12 Don't get behind: It's not fun, and you will miss out on a chance to relate the material to your own experiences! Required Reading: One Textbook Papalia, Olds & Feldman, Human Development (10th Edition) Text supports the lectures, and adds depth Look on the web for specifically assigned pages/chapters corresponding to each lecture. Read the assigned text once through quickly just BEFORE viewing the lecture. Read it again carefully after viewing the lecture. Exams include questions from text material not covered in lecture. Grading is criterionbased 400 possible points for the semester 364 points and above = A 345363 = AB 320344 = B 280319 = BC 240279 = C 220239 = D Three Exams Contribute about 3/4 of your grade Exam 1 100 points Monday, October 6th 5:307 pm. Exam 2 100 points Monday, November 10th 5:307:00 pm. Exam 3 110 points Sunday, December 14th 7:25 pm (sorry, not our choice!) Exam LOCATIONS will be posted on the [email protected] site. Exams include multiple choice format, using scantron sheets. Bring pencils and your CAMPUS ID to exams If you have a conflict with either of the two midterm evening exams: One alternate exam time is scheduled for each of the three exams. This will be the following evening at 5:30 pm. We have a specific process for documenting and scheduling alternate exams. If you don't follow the procedure and request an alternate time exam at the last minute, a 5point latepenalty will be assessed unless you can document that the circumstances were beyond your control! Discussion Board Because I don't see you regularly, I have forums set up in [email protected] At three specific periods in the semester, you will be asked to reflect and comment on ONE of the specific issues or topics in DISCUSSION, linking your comment to course concepts that you've encountered. Be sure to check the [email protected] site for requirements and due dates. Discussion postings are each worth up to 5 course points. The first discussion board session will open next week! How can I get help in this "distance education" class format? We will be communicating with you regularly during the semester: Check your @wisc address regularly for these messages. Via your campus EMAIL account Via announcements posted at the top of the [email protected] opening page We have several teaching assistants helping with this course. Their available office hours will be posted here in Learn. Please feel free to email them or me at any time. [email protected] We provide lots of supplementary material to help you study: Lecture OUTLINES Power Point files used in lectures Review material and study questions to help you prepare for exams Use [email protected] for viewing lectures, getting lecture outlines and Power Point. Log onto [email protected] and click on HDFS 363 then "GRADES" for your grade reports Log into the DISCUSSION board at specified times for course points. Hints for enjoying and doing well in 363: Don't get behind it's not fun! Establish a schedule and keep to it. Note down assignment and exam dates. As you view the lectures, use the LECTURE OUTLINES and Power Point files that we post on the web. Contact your assigned TA right away if you have any questions or feel you need help. Follow up after the first exam: visit the TA office to see your exam "error sheet" and discuss what you missed. What to do next.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. View the introductory material in module 1. Be sure to find a copy of the textbook, and begin the assigned reading for Lecture 2. Print out a copy of the LECTURE 2 outline before you view Lecture 2. Decide how, when and where you are going to regularly view the lectures online, and make a plan! Look at the EXAM and ASSIGNMENT dates for this semester, and mark these in your calendar. If you have a conflict, follow the instructions that we will be posting in [email protected] ...
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