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Chapter 10 (Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes) Lesson 1 - Polar Covalent Bonds and Dipole Moments Lesson 2 - Intermolecular Forces Lesson 4 - Phase Changes Lesson 6 - Kinds of Solids Lesson 8 - Unit Cells and the Packing of Spheres in Crystalline Solids Lesson 9 - Structures of some Ionic Solids Lesson 10 - Structures of some Covalent Network Solids Chapter 21 (Metals, Solid-State) Lesson 4 - Bonding in Metals Lesson 5 - Semiconductors Lesson 6 - Semiconductor Applications Chapter 11 (Solutions and Their Properties) Lesson 2 - Energy Changes and the Solution Process Chapter 12 (Chemical Kinetics) Lesson 1 - Reaction Rates Lesson 2 - Rate Laws and Reaction Order Lesson 3 - Experimental Determination of a Rate Law Lesson 4 - Integrated Rate Law for a First-Order Reaction Lesson 5 - Half-Life of a First-Order Reaction Lesson 6 - Second-Order Reactions Lesson 7 - Zeroth-Order Reactions Lesson 8 - Reaction Mechanisms Lesson 9 - Rate Laws for Elementary Reactions
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Chemistry Study Guide -...

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