Chemistry Exam 1 Review

Chemistry Exam 1 Review - properties of metals...

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CHEM 234 S08 Exam 1 Materials will cover items 1 and 2 on Syllabus. (IMF’s, solids and kinetics) Note that in class I also included section 11.2. Anything from book, class, handouts and lab is fair game. [Since one of my sections will not have done lab 3 yet, there will not be specific questions about that lab on the exam. However, the general subject of that lab (kinetics and the method of initial rates) will be included.] intermolecular forces Coulomb’s law Dipole moments know how to draw Lewis dot structs, use VSEPR, determine bond and molecule polarity types of IMF’s and relative strengths H-bonding effect of IMF’s on properties (solubility, bps) applications (Log P, soaps/detergents, Fabreze etc) types of solids and properties associated with them (metals, covalent network, ionics, molecular solids-table 10.9) allotropes of C unit cells, formulas of cmpds, packing efficiencies, radii, etc from unit cells know SC, BCC, HCP and CCP(=FCC) structs for metals, CsCl, NaCl and ZnS (CuCl)-type strucs for ionics
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Unformatted text preview: properties of metals, semiconductors and insulators band theory LED’s--operation, relationship of bandgap to periodic props Kinetics be able to express rate of reaction in terms of conc changes be able to detn rate law, k’s from method of init rates, integrated rate laws (you will not have to do any plotting but you may have to interpret a plot) Arrhenius eqn catalysis (heterogeneous, homogeneous, enzyme) reaction mechanisms reaxn progress (potential energy profile) diagrams Lab (labs 1-2 are clearly related to these topics) Dependent variables, independent variables, etc Givens: periodic table, Arrhenius equation; conc vs time and half-life relationships for th , 1 st and 2 nd order eqns in integrated rate law method, other eqns and constants as needed (Avogadro’s #, R, etc.) Note: you can start five minutes early and stay five minutes late but not more. Format: 10-15 mult choice (2 pts); ~30 pts short answer; ~40 pts longer answer/problems, 10 points extra credit (anything!)...
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Chemistry Exam 1 Review - properties of metals...

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