25 Rules Of Investing

25 Rules Of Investing - 14. Expect Corrections 15. Know...

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1. Pigs Get Slaughtered 2. It's OK to Pay the Taxes 3. Don't Buy All at Once 4. Buy Damaged Stocks 5. Diversify to Control Risk 6. Do Your Homework 7. Don't Panic 8. Buy Best-of-Breed 9. Defend Some Stocks 10. Don't Bet on Bad Stocks 11. Own Fewer Names 12. Cash Is for Winners 13. No Regrets
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Expect Corrections 15. Know Bonds 16. Don't Subsidize Losers 17. No Room for Hope 18. Be Flexible 19. Quit When Execs Do 20. Patience Is a Virtue 21. Be a TV Critic 22. When to Wait 30 Days 23. Beware the Hype 24. Explain Your Picks 25. Find the Bull Market...
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