Stat Chapter1,2,3,5_Review - Jae Hwan Lee Stat 200 Review...

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Jae Hwan Lee Stat 200 Review for Chap 1, 2, 3, and 5 *don’t forget explanations, units, and label the graphs Chapter1. Getting Started Statistics: is the study of how to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret numerical information form data Individuals Variables: characteristic of the individuals to be measured Quantitative variable - Discrete and continuous Qualitative variable Descriptive statistics: organizing and summarizing information from samples of populations Inferential statistics: using information to draw conclusions regarding the population Simple random sample Simulation Random sampling Stratified sampling: strata are based on a specific characteristic such as age, income, etc. Systematic sampling: pick kth element from natural order Cluster sampling: Pick one section between clusters Convenience sampling: data from population members Census: entire population Sample Observational study Experiment Placebo effect Control group Replication Double blind experiment Randomization Lickert scale Chapter2. Organizing Data Frequency table: partitions data into classes or intervals and shows how many data values are in
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Stat Chapter1,2,3,5_Review - Jae Hwan Lee Stat 200 Review...

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