HIS315L20080904 - HIS315L20080904Reconstruction contd:...

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H IS315L20080904 - Reconstruction cont’d: Johnson vetoes bill 1866 VII. Reconstruction a. first presidential reconstruction (Lincoln), 1863 10 percent plan and the radical response: Freedman’s Bureau b. second presidential reconstruction (Johnson) 1865-67 c. transfer of power to congress i. 1865 elections ii. Civil rights bill, 1866 (radicals then push for more: AAm voting rights because want more voting rights for republicans/ the distribution of land to former slaves) iii. 14 th amendment, 1866 (full citizenship to everyone born in US and prohibits states from denying equal protection under the law, stopping southern black codes unconstitutional/ women rights also wanted under this but foreshadowing) d. congressional reconstruction, 1867-77 (veto was then vetoed) 1)military districts (south states reduced to status of territories overseen by Fed. Troops) 2) AA male vote (former confederates could not) 3) Each state must write new constitutional convention (must approve AAm vote and
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HIS315L20080904 - HIS315L20080904Reconstruction contd:...

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