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B311D080118 --true-breeding- referring to plants that produce offspring of the same variety when they self pollinate -- hybridization- in genetics, the mating, or crossing of two true-breeding varieties -- P generation- the parent individuals from which the offspring are derived in studies of inheritance, p stands for paternal -- F1 generation- the first filial, or hybrid, offspring in a series of genetic crosses -- F2 generation- offspring resulting from interbreeding of the hybrid F1 generation -- alleles- alternative versions of a gene that produce distinguishable phenotype effects -- dominant allele- an allele that is fully expressed in the phenotype of a heterozygote -- recessive allele- an allele whose phenotype effect is not observed in a heterozygote -- law of segregation- mendel’s first law, stating that each allele in a pair separates into a different gamete during gamete formation -- punnett square- a diagram used in the study of inheritance to show the results of random fertilization in genetic crosses -- homozygous- having two identical alleles for a given gene -- heterozygous- having two different alleles for a given gene -- phenotype- the physical and physiological traits of an organism, which are determined by its
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