03a Musculoskeletal System Terminology

03a Musculoskeletal System Terminology - Combining Forms...

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Combining Forms for Musculoskeletal System Ankyl(o) Crooked or stiff arthr(o)/ articul(o) Joint brachi(o) Arm cervic(o) Neck chondr(o) Cartilage or gristle cost(o) Rib crani(o) Skull dactyl(o) Digit, as in a finger or toe fasci(o) Fascia, as in a band femor(o) Femur fibr(o) Fiber kyph(o) Humped back lei(o) Smooth lord(o) Bent lumb(o) Loin or lower back myel(o) Bone marrow or spinal cord my(o)/ myos(o)/ muscul(o) Muscle oste(o) Bone patell(o) Knee cap Pelv(i)/ pel(o)/ pelv(o) Hip bone or pelvic cavity radi(o) Radius rhabd(o) Rod shaped or striated, as in skeletal sarc(o) Flesh scoli(o) Twisted spondyl(o)/ vertebr(o) Vertebra stern(o) Sternum or breastbone ten(o)/ tend(o)/ tendin(o) Tendon or to stretch thorac(o) Chest ton(o) Tone or tension uln(o) ulna Anatomical Terms Related to Bones Appendicular skeleton Bones of shoulder, pelvis, and upper and lower extremities Axial skeleton Bones of skull, vertebral column, chest, and hyoid bone Bone Specialized connective tissue composed of osteocytes forming the skeleton Compact bone Tightly solid, strong bone tissue resistant to bending Spongy/ cancellous bone Mesh-like bone tissue containing marrow and fine branching canals through which blood vessels run Classification of Bones Long bones Bones of the arms and legs Short bones Bones of the wrist and ankles Flat bones Bones of the ribs, shoulder blades, pelvis, and skull Irregular bones Bones of vertebrae and face Sesamoid bones Round bones found near joints (example: patella) Parts of a Long Bone Epiphysis Wide ends of a long bone Diaphysis Shaft of a bone
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Metaphysic Growth zone between epiphysis and diaphysis during development of a long bone Endosteum Membrane lining the medullary cavity of a bone Medullary cavity Cavity within the shaft of the long bones filled with bone marrow Bone marrow Soft connective tissue within the medullary cavity of bones Red bone marrow Functions to form red blood cells, some white blood cells, and platelets; found in cavities of most bones in infants and in the flat bones of adults Yellow bone marrow Gradually replaces red bone marrow in adult bones; functions as storage for fat tissue; and is inactive in formation of blood cells Periosteum A fibrous, vascular membrane that covers the bone Articular cartilage A gristlelike substance on bones where they articulate Anatomical Terms Related to Joints and Muscles Articulatation A joint; the point where two bones come together Bursa A fibrous sac between certain tendons and bones, lined with a synovial membrane that secretes synovial fluid Disk/ disc A flat, platelike structure composed of fibrocartilaginous tissue found in between the vertebrae to reduce friction Nucleus pulposus Soft, fibrocartilaginous, central portion of intervertebral disc Ligament A flexible band of fibrous tissue that connects bone to bone Synovial membrane Membrane lining the capsule of a joint Muscle Tissue composed of fibers that can contract, causing movements of an organ or part of the body Striated muscle
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03a Musculoskeletal System Terminology - Combining Forms...

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