B311080118 - B311D080118 Transmission genetics (alleles...

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B311D080118 Transmission genetics (alleles passed from parent to offspring) Punnett square predicts offspring genotypes Patterns of allele dominance --Homework assignment one has been posted on blackboard and is due next week on Wednesday night --First discussion section review will have a make up day next Tuesday at noon to one in Jester A217A --No other discussion sections will be meeting next week --No new handouts next week We will be discussing transmission and how one generation’s genes are transmitted from one parent to the offspring. We will also learn how to predict offspring genotypes by using a Punnett square. Homologous chromosomes contain the same gene locus. Gregor Mendel took extensive data on inheritance of pea plant traits and found repeatable ratios. He was a monk who grew a lot of pea plants. He kept tract of suceding generations and would hand pollinate each plant in order to know which plant and which genes were combined. He developed these patterns and he was trained very well in botany and mathematics. He was able to quantify the pea plant traits. He noticed that certain traits would disappear on one generation and then come back in the next. He resolved that various traits are there in units. Traits were not blended but inherited in blocks. He was invited to explain his results to scientists and the world was not ready for his findings. His work was not appreciated until later. Meiosis, remember, predicts how alleles will move into gametes by the law of segregation and the law of independent assortment. It was not until 1900 that cell biologists discovered mitosis,
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B311080118 - B311D080118 Transmission genetics (alleles...

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