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Unformatted text preview: B311D080123 • The law of multiplication • Alleles on same chromosome are linked • Inheritance pattern for X linked traits •--Remember to bring your homework one to discussion sections next week. •--Homework two has been posted. •--There are no new handouts today. •--You need to bring your iClicker on Monday to class. We are now going to look at more complex stuff regarding the sex chromosomes and autosomes. A Siamese cat is an example of the interaction of genotype and the environment that affects the phenotype. The extremities of the Siamese cat have a lower temperature at areas more distal to the core of the body. The local environment affects this. The color pattern of a kitten Siamese will be les black because they were not exposed to the environment. If you pluck out the fur and then put an ice pack on the exposed area of the body, then the hair will grow back as black. Use the multiplication to get the probability that two or more independent events will happen in a specified combination. Gender, as in births about half male and half female is an example. What’s the specified combination....
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