B311080128 - B311D080228 Human inheritance patterns related...

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B311D080228 Human inheritance patterns related to sex X chromosome inactivation in mammals Chromosome mutations, aneuploidy, polyploidy Genomic imprinting --Remember to be using your clicker today in class. --New handout today --Bring your quizzes to your discussion section The handout is to begin on Wednesday when we talk about alleles. But today we will discuss them on the chromosomes. If we look at males and females, some more appear in the males than the females and vice versa. Males are more likely to be color blind. Some of these traits are found on the sex chromosomes. Male pattern baldness is another example. However it is not an excellent trait. It is a sex influenced trait. One category is sex linked traits while there is other reason why the difference of sex is difference. It could also be because of the levels of the sex hormones. Females can carry the genes for male pattern baldness and sometimes even have the genes on themselves. Sweat glands are an excellent trait because it is a gene on the X chromosome. Muscle development is another excellent trait. Milk production is under genetic control and can select cattle that produce and a higher quantity or quality of milk. You cannot find that in a male cow. It is under genetic control, it is sex limited. Sex linked is an x linked trait such as hemophilia or Duchene muscular dystrophy. Sex limited trait is an auto some but can be produced only in one sex, such as milk production in cattle. Sex influenced is gene expression depends on the sex hormones present. As in male pattern baldness can occur in women of some genotypes, but only under certain conditions. For sex linked traits we MUST use X^A and Y^- in Punnett squares. The Punnett squares using sex
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B311080128 - B311D080228 Human inheritance patterns related...

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