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MKTG 321- Test 2 notes

MKTG 321- Test 2 notes - MKTG 321 o Guest speaker JC Pennys...

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MKTG 321 9/25/06 o Guest speaker – JC Pennys Kathy Beauchamp – District Manager Jayme D’Agnolic - A&M Grad 2004 o JC Penny customers – are targeted to Middle America (middle class) o JC Penny strives for the following: Make an emotional/connection with the customer Make JC Penny an easy & exciting place to shop. Make JC Penny a leader in performance execution Make JC Penny a great place to work. o JC Penny: a company position for growth Experience at Times Square, Manhattan Opened a virtual store there, for customers to come and visit and order items from there. o Sales Manager Trainee Phase I 20 week comprehensive study (classroom style) Paired up with 25-40 people, on different projects Sales leadership Merchandise presentation Work-hands on in a department store Phase II Get assigned to an actual location Work as a sales manager at a department store o What qualifications skills needed? 3.0 GPA 4 year college degree leadership/communication skills o Key note: the speakers of JCP referred to JCP as “my business” Shows a more personal relationship with the company Students should not be afraid to relocate, if asked to do so. Look into the growth of a company. 9/27/06 o Guest Speaker – Sewell Automotive The VP of the company came to talk about Sewell Automotive They are best known for Customer Service
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Promises you made to customer are most important after a sale. Have a lifetime relationship with the customer Loan cars (some of the brands) Make appointments = bring car to service / take a loan car Free car wash any time – max. out at 350/day Customers are more comfortable in small groups while waiting in a waiting room. Provide them with food/drinks What to look for in the company? Share values History of winning – successful companies Someone who cares about you! o What are Markets? Requirements of a Market Must have need/desire of product Must have ability to purchase the product Must be willing to use their buying power Must have authority to o Legal authority to buy products Ex. Drinking age 21 yrs old o Organizational authority Ex. Department – secretary can’t go ordering supplies have to go through another department 1. Agent: Bulk discounts 2. Expert on product buying o Ex: Airforce – one guy purchases light bulbs o Role authority Roles conflict, ex: going golfing vs. dentist work for son. Types of market Consumer markets Purchasers & individuals in household For personal consumption Business markets Individuals & groups. Purchase product for resale, direct use to produce other products, or use daily business operations.
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