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MGMT- chp 6 - Henningson v. Bloomfield o Henningson got...

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Chapter 6 Cases Product Liability MacPherson v. Buick Motor Co. o Liable for product if put on the market negligently o Relaxes the idea of privity under negligence o Owed duty of care at every stage of product manufacturing o If they knew it wouldn’t be tested by the consumer o It was in the same condition when it left the manufacturer o Result of the case: Auto recall tests assumption of risk if called and ignored by consumer Material alteration can be defensive if used improperly and harms consumer because the products design is meant for safety and specs Buy new product comes with a booklet that says the DO’s and DON’Ts Baxter v. Ford Motor Co. o Advertised triple shattered proof glass in their new model o Thought they had triple shattered glass, but they didn’t! o Found responsible under EXPRESSED warranty o They promised that they did but they didn’t – so they are liable
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Unformatted text preview: Henningson v. Bloomfield o Henningson got into wreck and injured badly o Liable for finished product under IMPLIED warranty o Implying that the manufacturer provided a safe product for the consumers Strict Liability started in California (late 1960s) o Greenland vs. Yuma Shopsmith working with a wood working tool and the clamps on the tool did not hold the product hurt the consumer Manufacturer is responsible for damages had to fix the product o A woman dropped a product The product stated that once dropped then discard the product She didnt read the fine print she was responsible due to assumption of risk Absolute liability o Asbestoses once formed on old buildings or place it can cause cancer from their fiber flakes o Owners of buildings can be sued because they didnt do anything about the defect on the buildings...
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