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Chapter 9 Chicago- Haymarket Square Riot -Breaking up strike -Mgmt hires the police -Someone throws a homemade bomb killing officers and bystanders -As many officers died, same # of laborers were arrested and hanged Pullman Touring Co. -Cut worker wages -Made railroad cars -Laborers refused to use Pullman cars, which carried mail -American Railway Union destroyed and military used to break the strike Homestead Strike Andrew Carnegie and Bethlehem Steel Co. -Hired Pinkerton guards to protect the steel mills but beat people at the strike. Many workers killed European Unions were first to develop but were more socialistic and wanted to take over. IWW-International Workers of the World AFL- skilled CIO- unskilled 1929 Stock Market crashed Hoover blamed for the Great Depression Election of 1930 In 1934, the Democrats took control of Congress 1) FDR 2) Clinton 3) after 9/11 After FDR-> Truman (not well liked) 1946- Democrats out of power Rep. control Congress, didn't like labor Pres. Ended strike 1) Eisenhower- steelworkers
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