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1st History Lecture - 1st History Lecture United States...

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1 st History Lecture: 18/1/2007 United States began its transformation in the late 19 th century after the conclusion of the civil war. And it will challenge values of the American people such as the belief in competition and the belief in democracy and the belief that anyone could rise to succeed and to achieve the American dream . And finally the notion that America was a classless society that is of course in comparison with Europe where they have a very definite class system. That is either you are a noble or you are a peasant. Industrialization began in the late 19 th century when the first factories were built in America. Definition: Industry is the use of machine driven factories to mass produce goods for a large market. Machine that replace human labor. The first factory was constructed in the New England area such as Massachusetts and other. There factories produced textiles. Other nations such as England and china started industries with textiles. This early industry is tied to the agricultural economy that dominated human activity before industrialization. What we mean by industry is building thins that farmers need to make more food and to grow crops…etc. The factories in this early stage of industry are very different of what were ion later stages. - Businesses were small and the factories were 1 building. It would make and specialize in making one item (shoe factory, shirt factory) - Because there weren’t big, you didn’t need a lot of money or capital to finance them. - They were also highly personal. The owner of the factory knows all of his employees and vice versa. They all lived in the same community. - Factories at this stage were much smaller than they were in later stages.
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1st History Lecture - 1st History Lecture United States...

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