3rd lecture - 3rd lecture One of the businesses that helped...

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3 rd lecture: One of the businesses that helped create the national market was Sears, Roebuck and Company. They were leaders of sending catalogs. The Sears catalog was 780 pages long and offered by mail everything a person would want to buy (groceries, shoes, and clothes….everything). They claim to operate the cheapest supply house in the world. They bought vast amount of good (less expensive) which enabled them to offer them at lower prices. This continued in the last 10 years when Wallmart came and changed this fact by buying things directly from the factory. By the early 20 th century, it was one of te largest biusinesses in the vountry worth about 500 million dollars. And their building was the largest businesses building in the world. And they created a truly national market. Now people all over the country are able to use the sears catalog to buy anything they want and they are no longer limited. By the turn of the 20 th century, 6 million catalogs were sold and it was the most reading book in America after the bible. Schools used it to educate mathematics and reading. Robber Barons/ captains of industry: Who they are? They are the men that dominated big businesses in the 19 th century. They were dominating the American industry and they dominated the American economy as a result. . They were seen as both the geniuses who created modrn American business and threats to the nation because the abused their ppower and operated outside the systemn J John D. Rockefeller: He taugh bible in his youth and he claimed later that God gave him his money. He didn’t care about anything. All he wated to do is to make money. He owned his own business by
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3rd lecture - 3rd lecture One of the businesses that helped...

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