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oc i lab assgn 1 e1 wgwig - 30 mL of ethanol with 40 mL of...

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Name___________________________________________CHEM LAB 3201 ASSGN 1 E1,WGWIG (25pts) 1. Assuming another student has the same unknown, what experimental proof would you collect to help prove it? Give two experimental proofs that will help prove it. Explain what to do and what you would see as proof. (5pts) 2. Define SATURATED, DILUTE AND SUPERSATURATED. Use three short sentences for each definition. (5pts) 3. What is the mole fraction of ethanol, methanol and water in a mixture of
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Unformatted text preview: 30 mL of ethanol with 40 mL of methanol in 50 mL of water? Show all your calculations below. Circle your final answers. (5pts) 4. Define EUTECTIC and label the following diagram with the word eutectic and an arrow pointing from the word to the point where it occurs on the diagram. (5pts) 5. Describe the steps and procedures that you would follow in order to dispose of a concentrated waste acid. You must have at least two steps. (5pts) STEP 1: STEP 2:...
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