HIST346 - History 346: Twentieth-Century China UMass:...

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History 346: Twentieth-Century China UMass: Spring, 2008 Lectures: M, W 11:15-12:30 COURSE WEBSITE on SPARK Professor: Sigrid Schmalzer Office: 631 Herter Hall Office hours: Mondays 1-2 and Wednesdays 9-10; or by appointment Email: [email protected] Note: When emailing, please include "History 346" in the subject heading. Course Description: China began the twentieth century with a Manchu emperor and ended it with a communist party committed to "market socialism." The course will begin with several weeks devoted to the basic historical narrative that explains this enormous transformation. We will then focus on key readings that illustrate such important themes as nationalism, socialism, globalization, and struggles for democracy and labor reform. Requirements include one short test, several short papers, and a final project in which students use a topic of their own choosing (for example, sex, sports, science. ..) as a "window" into the main themes of twentieth-century Chinese history. My goals in teaching this class are for you: 1) to be inspired to see the world a bit differently after exposure to the many radical ideas and fascinating events of twentieth-century China; 2) to be critical of such ideas and events even as you allow them to inspire you; 3) to explore many kinds of historical sources and learn to use them effectively; 4) to improve your writing skills; and 5) to experience the joy of engaging your creative and analytical abilities in the study of history. Texts: Jonathan Spence, The Search for Modern China , SECOND EDITION ONLY (Norton, 1999). Available at Food for Thought in downtown Amherst. (This purchase is semi-optional -- I will explain in class. Feel free to ask if you have questions.) Course Packet. Available at Collective Copies, in downtown Amherst at 71 S. Pleasant St. Readings on E-Reserves ( http://ereserves.library.umass.edu/). The password is "change" Academic Honesty: Students are responsible for knowing the university's policy on academic honesty ( http://www.umass.edu/dean_students/rights/acad_honest.htm) . In addition, the lecture on March 14 th will be devoted entirely to discussing academic honesty and other issues related to proper use of sources. Failure to attend this lecture will NOT be a valid excuse for not understanding the expectations with respect to academic honesty. Students who plagiarize or engage in other forms of cheating will receive a failing grade in the class and possibly other consequences. All students will submit their papers electronically via SPARK to Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service. 1
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Requirements: 1 quiz. 5% of final grade. Feb 4. 1 reflection paper. 2-3 pages, 10% of final grade. Due Feb. 13. 1 test. 15% of final grade. March 14.
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HIST346 - History 346: Twentieth-Century China UMass:...

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