RR#1 - 1. I believe that an individual has little control...

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1. I believe that an individual has little control over certain genetic and environmental factors that predispose one to developing a specific mental disorder. However, I do believe that a person inflicted with the environmental and genetic predispositions for developing a disorder does have the power to control the specific symptoms and possibly prevent the development of the symptoms. The unfortunate circumstance of being predisposed to developing a mental disorder is, in many cases, out of one’s control. The field of behavior genetics has concluded that many individuals with a certain disorder were already predisposed to developing the disorder before birth; the inheritance of altered or “faulty” genes can lead to a disorder. Certain environmental conditions out of an individual’s control may also lead to a mental disorder. Psychodynamic, interpersonal, and social structural theories have all recognized this fact. For example, psychodynamic theory describes maturation in children as a sequence of psychosexual stages. Poor parenting can lead to a child to become fixated at a certain stage, which will then result in the onset of specific mental disorders. Thus, poor parenting can be thought of as an environmental factor that is out of the individual’s control which may lead to the predisposition of a certain disorder. Interpersonal theories have also noted the importance of parenting on an individual’s well-being. John Bowlby believed that a person’s well-being is inherent upon the strength of attachment formed with their parents early on in development. A parent who acts in a way that facilitates secure attachment allows for an individual to form strong attachments later in life. However, parenting which does not facilitate the formation of a strong attachment may result in children who
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RR#1 - 1. I believe that an individual has little control...

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