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ESSENT~2 - Essentials of Film Hello You are about to begin...

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Essentials of Film Hello: You are about to begin taking the Essentials of Film ENGL 210-01 or 02 course, using a virtual classroom through the Blackboard Learning Systems Vista courseware server. The purpose of this mailing is to provide you information that will help insure your success in the course. Please read this document carefully. Getting into the e-Book Your immediate goal is to buy the e-book from the book store and access the e-book, on-line. After loading Internet Explorer on your computer, go to: http://nortonebooks.com/welcome.asp Opening your e-book/DVD package follow the instructions or the ones that follow: Choose Film Studies and then, look for Looking at Movies, 2e . Next, double click on Access the ebook . Next, follow the registration instructions by giving your e-mail address and the code (located on the pack of the instruction page you are looking at). That should get you into the e-book. Explore it thoroughly as you will be using it a lot.
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  • Fall '08
  • Internet Explorer, Usage share of web browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Vista, Blackboard Learning Systems, Vista courseware server

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