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intro to tv

intro to tv - INTRO TO TV STUDY GUIDE 1 a Boddys Definition...

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INTRO TO TV STUDY GUIDE 1) a. Boddy’s Definition of American TV - traditional definition “domesticity, livenes, and its role as an indispensable agent of national identity” (1) -typical view of television: “quotidian, advertising dominated, audio driven, visually impoverished, female centred, and passively consumed” - forms national identity b. How have new technologies forced scholars to rethink this definition - digital delivery and recording media in home take away traditional notions of television and its audience and national identity - VCR- lead to end of commercial television -can record and replay material at same time, taking away livenes and simultaneity- television now asynchronous, not sharing national unity and watching “together” -redefinition of tradional television screen, location, and social interaction around it c. discuss the impact of these technologies on both advertising and audience reception, using at least 3 specific examples from screenings, lecture and the readings - took away audience cohesion - viewers can now skip commercials- so advertisers have to be savvy in creating advertisements impossible for viewers to escape, take advantage of product placement in shows, on screen banner advertisements, and program length commercials with narrative to specific target audiences -viewer is now active- idea is to allow viewers to use television way web surfers use internet- customized viewer ‘channels’ of favorite programs- no longer couch potato 2) a. Television as a cultural forum - expressive medium that through its storytelling fxns, unites and examines a culture- doesn’t impart new information, but represent current modern beliefs? -cultural bricoleurs- seeking and creating new meaning with embedded significance by responding to real events, changes in social structure: cultural interpreters -focuses on contradiciction and confusion, many meanings, not one -ideological- social conflict subverted - raises questions without ideological conclusions- conflicts ongoing in television experience and raise a discussion on these conflicts and ideological positions can be made from a different perspective -meaning and ideologies shift as series develop -All in the family- Archie’s resistance to possibility of change form the central dramatic problem and offer the central opportunity for dramatic richness that develops over the years until characters bears little resemblance to one we met at the beginning
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-despite their generic similarities, producers like to instill uniqueness and novelty into series- Allin the family, MASH may be same genre, but address issues in different tone, style, history creating a forum for discussion - presented with rich material for analysis, change, not maintaines society -television’s texture matches that of our daily experiences, if we can understand this better, we can better understand the world we live in b. All in the family * Also that year came All In the Family. It marked a major transition in the way situation comedy understood American families. It
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intro to tv - INTRO TO TV STUDY GUIDE 1 a Boddys Definition...

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