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REAR WINDOW 1954- Alfred Hitchcock James Stewart- “Jeff” Grace Kelly- “Lisa” “Lars Thorwald” “Stella” I.Literary Design A. Structure -Classical Linear structure- beginning middle and end *classical Hollywood 3 Act Structure: 1)love interest, 2) romantic tension, 3) resolution B. POV- first person inside- when looking through binoculars Third person- in room with him C. Setting- New York, 1950, bound to one room D. Motifs: *window and use of lenses- more of a watcher than a doer, peeping Tom, window could be barrier- safety of home (why so suspenseful when Lisa Stella leave into Lars apt. *lady’s dog need to die to bring interaction between neighbors lack of communication E. Allusions *Grace Kelly reading BAZAAR at the end- world she gave up F. Script- adaptation from short story “It had to be Murder” G. Subject- alientation, existential tension, absense of neighborly communication H. Suspense- created when we see Thorwald’s shadow on wall because Jeff is hepless and cannot do anything II. Performance- Jeff and Lisa, Lars, Tim Doyle, Stella A. Styles -tenants are pantomine-silent acting -Jeff is realist- a lot of focus on a. his face, b. what looking at, c. his rxn (focus on rxns and not physical movement) -Lars- pantomime B. Properties of Players -a. Jeff is attractive tall guy and has a mythology of being an all American courageous good guy- now we see another side of every day guy (snooper) -relatable bc he is peeping into others lives which is symbolic of how we are watching as well b. Grace Kelly is glamorous and exactly who she is playing C. Critical Criteria 1) James Stewart good bc we believe him consistent and never hidden cared for him when Lars came for him III. Visual Design
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A. Costumes- contrast with each other 1) Grace Kelly’s costukmes are very in style and look as though fro BAZAAR, bright bold, lipstick- represents more going on in her life 2) Jeff- bland bue grey pajamas- shows his boredom of his situation B. Sets- all on one set- trapped in there with him and never get to leave clausterphobic- crowded big city apt *Props- lens- symbol of cameraman looking through lens(Hitchcock) filming life to capture life Jeff looking thru lens to capture others actions C. Title- Window with shades rolling up and title over it- representational- isn’t physicall pulling up blinds D. Special Effects- flashbulb at Throwald- red fash after done in post production E. Lighting- Jimmy stays in dark a lot, like an audience sitting in a theatre *when looking at everyone brighter *watching murder darker *Grace Kelly brings light III. Composition A. Staging- everyone seems to have their boundaries- stuck a. Detective always far from Jeff and Lisa to show difference in beliefs b. Proxemic patters are realistic- match Jeff’s proximic patterns inside the frame- we never get to go across the window B. Framing- the window C. Photographing- subjective POV when looking out window- rest is objective a. Camera shots being steady reflects Jeff’s immobility
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cinemamidterm1 - REAR WINDOW 1954 Alfred Hitchcock James...

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