011807 - 2 Adaptable(stories change as conditions change is...

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1.18.08 Categories of Interests: Hobbies Travel Social/Personal/Family Desire/Hope Passion Career Aspiration Money Future Plans Self Improvement Pleasure Expansion Graduation Pleasure/Maintenance Entertainment Relationships Sports Future Plans Review: Key Features of Lists: 1. Expert (completed by someone who knows, thus they are dependable) 2. All-Inclusive (sets the user at ease because nothing is left out) 3. Legitimate (provides cover for users because they can say (“I followed… )) 4. Transferable (what is good in TX is good in CA – and Beijing) 5. Practical (Provides ONLY what is needed; no useless info.) 6. Trainable (how many of us has spent a session on how to use a new technology) Key Features of Stories: 1. Interesting (people have more excitement for stories than lists)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Adaptable (stories change as conditions change; is your memory of the public school different now than it was the day after graduation?) 3. Less Rigid (when we tell a story, the listener knows that this is close to … with a detail or two that has been amplified; and we don’t care – pertains to exaggeration) 4. Flexible (players in the story move up and down from an ensemble to hero and back again) 5. Discursive (stories contain the discourse of he teller or of the actors that makes a difference. Some stories are more artful than others) Historical (stories can only account for the past; until something happens to be placed in context, we cannot use them)...
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011807 - 2 Adaptable(stories change as conditions change is...

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