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012308 - Vicarious Learning Learning through someone...

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1.23.08 Video Tape – George Carlan Story: Call daughter about biological stuff – the body regenerates itself about every 20 days What makes stories interesting: Novelty Surprise Liminal: Refers to things in transition; Ex: adolescent to adulthood, Single to married; Stories are interesting when they give us an idea of ‘what comes next?’ – You get lost in the story/movie… Mixed Motives: We all do things for different reasons - Achievement Motive: Can’t stand to do a task poorly; Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well! - Power Motive: Someone who likes to be recognized. Likes material things (such as money) and who has power over others - Affiliation/community achievement: How do we get everyone together and look out for everyone’s well being Violates expectations
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Unformatted text preview: Vicarious Learning: Learning through someone else’s experiences without suffering any of the consequences; distant learning Story: IBM Service Engineers: Very well known – IBM 360 (Huge computers) – made reputation because of their service (and having a good machine). New manager in area decided the service engineer role is over-blown, “we don’t need so many of these guys, lets slow down the commitment of the service.” So IBM didn’t fire anyone, but they didn’t replace any supervisors or engineers when they retired. Other employees workload increased. IBM service engineers available for hire – add in paper. Cut out the ad and gave it to the manager. Big secret on who made the ad, why they made the ad, etc. What happens next?...
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