012808 - Narrative Rationality Walter Fisher 1987-Narrative...

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1.28.08 Narrative and Criminal Justice Presentation Overview: - Narratives as part of victim, offender experience in the justice system - Narrative in conflict mediation - Assessing narrative rationality - Narrative in the therapeutic process Responding to Crime - Retributive Justice o What laws were broken? o Who broke the laws? o What is the punishment? - Restorative Justice o Who has been hurt? Victim and offender o What are the needs of the crime victim, community and offender? o How can justice be restored? Restorative Justice: - A response to crime that focuses on restoring the losses suffered by victim, holding offenders accountable for the harm they have caused and building peace within communities Types of Restorative Programs - Victim offender mediation in crimes of severe violence - Conferencing Circles - Victim assistance - Ex-offender assistance - Community service - Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Victim Offender Mediation - Picture - Kathy killed, leaving behind 5 year old daughter
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Unformatted text preview: Narrative Rationality Walter Fisher, 1987-Narrative Probability (coherence) o How the story hangs together through the argument, characters, material-Narrative Fidelity o Truthfulness and reliability Narrative in Restorative Justice -Perspective taking -Look for inconsistencies -Prepare for what is realistic o What sounds realistic and what doesn’t sound realistic-Social reality is viewed as a dynamic -Recognition What were the contributions here? Who helped out to make this event take place? Who/what was in position to allow this event to come together? -The government -The mediator – to be trained and sit in the room -The offender – willing to speak out o Maybe looking for some sort of forgiveness -The daughter and the grandmother to sit in o Maybe wanting closure -The amount of time between the actual crime and the mediation -A structured event through an act that (such as tape recorded) to allow the event to occur...
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012808 - Narrative Rationality Walter Fisher 1987-Narrative...

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