021508 - 2.15.08 Sequence! Order-Effects Agenda: A,B,C,D,...

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2.15.08 Sequence! Order-Effects Agenda: A,B,C,D, vs. D,A,C,B UT Saga B FC WWII 50,000 Students Asked to identify ten important events that happened in past and list them, then list ten things you want to happen in the future Result: The more vision you have of the past has more of a vision of how their lives will be in the future “Black Sheep” – someone who is a little different than the rest… 250 steps in making a computer chip Silicon (piece of sand/glass) 250 different individual steps to create chip Each step is dependent on the previous step Four Steps of Group Affiliation: 1. Forming a. How a group gets together, getting to know each other 2. Storming a. Conflict; For a group to reach an effective conclusion it has to work through certain ideas and conflicts 3. Norming 4. Celebration a. Finishing the task at hand Know when to speak up and when to shut-up The notion is: Low participation, Low knowledge High participation, High Knowledge - The people who know more are the ones working speaking and solving the problem
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- You don’t want someone who talks all the time and knows nothing Develop a Sequence: Beginning, Middle and End of a story: Valentines Subject Story: Punctuation of the story Punctuation deals with when the story begins How and when a story starts is totally subjective 2.18.08 Stories: 1. Prior to 1980s there was a revolution in Iberia – people afraid to go outside, but two days later Vivian and her daughter got on a plane and got to the US
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021508 - 2.15.08 Sequence! Order-Effects Agenda: A,B,C,D,...

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