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022208 - Lateral or Hierarchical The purpose of a story is...

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2.22.08 Story Discourse: One thing has multiple meanings EX: “Show Me The Money” – Jerry McGuire List what “show me the money” might mean: - Respect/Loyalty - Winner – get something done - Winning the lottery - Getting a promotion - Prove it – be certain - Materialistic, blunt (the actual money) - I want it – show me the money - Prize Equivocality (aka: uncertainty) Requisite Variety: For any complicated problem you are trying to solve, your solution must have the same amount of complication
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Unformatted text preview: Lateral or Hierarchical The purpose of a story is to say something that causes someone else to put together and think through. It’s a combined effort. Rolan Barthes: On what a narrative is: Discourse happens within the story and discourse happens about the story Functions of a narrative: Cateletic: Doesn’t have anything to do with the story; excess information Cardinal: In charge of; big; has the power to change the story...
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