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031708 - relation the of story Conflict Action 1 Hope a...

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3.17.08 How to prepare the next exam- What does this all mean (key terms and concepts.) with stories of leader ship ( think about what is this to do with leadership of stories in tern of the exam question and study) Action become a big manager idea in the 1980¡¦s but the action was always carried out in stories Action and narrative , how does it reflect to stories? Discussion: how is action carry out from story?( our team, me and kelly) In words Lesson learned Emotion arose Plot has action, without action a story is not moving and it dies. Action is reflection form the reader take the parts and the meaning from the story Action is a movement and transition a story needs action otherwise a story will be death. Action is more than physical its also emotion. Other people¡¦s answer about action Action is part of past experience Goal- plan out for the action Reaction- past experience The story brings out the emotion and
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Unformatted text preview: relation the of story Conflict Action 1. Hope: a story is always has conflict and hope in a story , you have uncertainty via action , it brings hope. You will success. 2. Motivation Action refers to motives, explains why someone deos or did something (one thing happens to other) ex, the movie ocean 11, Gorge Colony gained his wife back 3. Action imply goals (The anticipant in plan out for the action) The anticipant of which is not confuse with some foreseen or predicted result, goals help us understand why we would act or do something. 4. Memory Actions is spurred an image of the past by memory of the pass, or metal search for the past. We are looking for some sort of reference. 5. Imitation It not only doing something but showing that was done, the ability to try repeat Ex. Saturday life- the guy mimic J Bush in the past, and the way he keep repeating it, actually help j Bush more popular. ( makes him more likable) Action and plot Which and how Plot can¡¦t be together without the action combined to action....
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