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032108 - 4 Euro Trip 5 For a story to happen it has to have...

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3.21.08 Identity – membership and what it should have, what is the exchange rate or what happens when you have identity with a group - UT Membership Agency – Means Power - Powerful word - Has an obligation - Special rules that go along with Identification with Narrative - Schizophrenic: In this world of outside of this world - Multiple personalities: where a person as a rule experiences a trauma (a violence, horrific event) - Sometimes as many as 80 different personalities - They have a story that goes with each person that exists in their mind o Background, make-up, gender, physical o Treatment: Teach the person team work Team Work: - Things that you learn from listening and learning from different points of view 5 Important Stories that I would say is who I am: 1. Parents divorce and the experience of two completely different families 2. Meeting O.A.R. 3. Living at Tree House with the roomies
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Euro Trip 5. For a story to happen it has to have a time and place Goal is to have some kind of chain of movement across time-Not just where you are, but where you are going -Anticipated future -Always someone else who would say it “didn’t happen that way” o Always opponents and always supporters -Always struggle -Identities are o The looking glass self: our self concept constructed by what we see in others response to us Central and Marginal Identities: -Central: center being everyone having the same goals, ideologies and morals and ethics are the same -Marginal: The fear that people will not support who you are -Some people get off on being marginal because they like the notion of being “different” -How central and how marginal we are This idea that I don’t have a past or a story about myself An identity based on stories does not exist...
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032108 - 4 Euro Trip 5 For a story to happen it has to have...

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