032408 - a Movement is occurring 2 Evolve Complexity a Some...

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3.24.08 Complexity and Narrative - Connect the two because they are supportive of each other Total Quality Management - Early 80’s America was producing junk - Conformance o The ability, once you decide on what your producing, to repeat it constantly o To make it all the same - 6 Sigma o You don’t make one error in a million o No errors o Reduce the level of complexity - Customer Satisfaction o The user is happy with what they got o Shifted what they were delivering to accommodate their target group (Honda story) Complexity: (check out power point) 1. Constituted Complexity - To make up - Non random order - We should look at many different possible angles 1. Dynamic Complexity
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Unformatted text preview: a. Movement is occurring 2. Evolve Complexity a. Some people who were in the exact same circumstance became very different people and did very different things Bob McFee – 4 Flows Organizational Communication takes places there needs to be 4 things that happen: 1. Membership Negotiation a. Socialization 2. Organizational Self Structuring a. Deals with the control and structuring activities that we create for what we do b. Example: a class syllabus c. Who else and what rules do we operate by 3. Activity Coordination a. What work are we doing together 4. Institutional Positioning a. How do you relate to outsiders...
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032408 - a Movement is occurring 2 Evolve Complexity a Some...

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