033108 - 3.31.08 Sequence Students and...

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3.31.08 Sequence - Students and procastination/Deadlines Uncertainty Complexity and Narrative How truth is represented Welsh: Talks about Complexity and Narrative Narrative is a type of communication that is… - Always about things that have already happened - Definition Complexity is non-linear relations - No predictive capacity - Driven by small forces - Produce unexpected outcomes - The way things merge when they are happening simultaneously - How things rise up - And how it all comes together – creates a web of complexity - They do this by simulation How do complexity and Narrative combine/come together: - The complexity and ambiguity of the environments …. (online slide) - *The flexibility of communication is the primary strength of and value of corporate communication - *Communication allows for quick change in the way that nothing else does - Adaptability Discourse is the actual content, the words that are used
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033108 - 3.31.08 Sequence Students and...

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