040908 - -Exec Officer – responsible for a bunch of...

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4.9.08 Guest Speaker coming on Friday Monday – Second discussion in class; prep for final writing - Will not be recorded Local Narrative vs. Grand Narrative (Master Narrative) Grand/Master Narrative: - A story that encapsulates an entire way of thinking o Religion, family thinking, etc. o A story but within that story it contains a whole belief system o Ways to operate, norms, structures o Accepted ways of thinking What part of Grand/Master Narrative are you part of? - Family coming to America – We believe in the one story - Christians believe in one story of who God is and what his purpose is Tagging - Recognizes some other dimension in another computer and suddenly recognizes that it is like itself - Brings: o Commonality o Common belief system o Support Why do totalitarian regimes (strong cultures) spend their time doing it? Mystery shoppers 4.11.08 Dr. Jeff: Guest Speaker 1. Make Mistakes: Concern of how we look; fear: - Living in Hawaii at Military
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Unformatted text preview: -Exec. Officer – responsible for a bunch of radios -Frequency hopping -Private Pavloc is forced to take over the radios-Pavloc goes in at 10 PM to clean the radios on a Wednesday night, (scaring his EO Jeff! Since he left the door open) The Idiocy Mistake: -Jeff moves up to Captain: very high ranking -Sugar Bar is closing and all liquor is going on sale for really cheap (5 cents)-Runs into SR. Srgnt. (been there 20 years) 2. People Matter- Story of Swanson, his best friend- Met at this camp – two odd balls - Swanson saw neighbor commit suicide and went crazy, “lost his mind” - Jeff took Swanson to Bob (Best psychiatrist in Army and J’s best friend) - Everything worked out and was fine 3. Little Things Are Not Little - Couple wants to go on this trip with wife who has just had baby- They want to leave early, but Jeff forgot - So he stole a bus to get them back home!...
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040908 - -Exec Officer – responsible for a bunch of...

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