CMS 367 � Stories of Leadership

CMS 367 � Stories of Leadership - one specific time...

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CMS 367 – Stories of Leadership 1.15.08 Interest Two Important Kinds of Communication: 1. List a. Rational, legitimate and fair b. Schedule (school), grocery, Things to do list c. Memory device d. Short Hand e. All inclusive f. A collection of important items that are comprehensive and are created by an expert. Once those items are completed and used, one can be satisfied that they are done. g. Women performed to the list better than men – Changed the workplace today, role of women in management increased because of lists 2. Story a. Always Retrospective i. Cant capture an event until after it has happened ii. Stories always go behind us b. The plot of an event that effect a particular event that come together at
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Unformatted text preview: one specific time c. Three Things: i. Beginning ii. Middle iii. End d. Important? Because lists don’t always help e. Ex: Reading online f. The irony of lots of access to information – we are still just as uncertain about what is and isn’t true g. More interesting than lists h. Stories brings things to life 3. Narrative Therapy a. Our lives are made up of and to have stories b. Traumatic stories (war, abuse) i. Therapy focuses on making this big story a lot smaller and of minor importance We move from stories to lists (Bible is good example) – for efficiency and convenience – the guide for what to do...
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CMS 367 � Stories of Leadership - one specific time...

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