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Exam2ReviewGuideS-1 update w guest speaker

Exam2ReviewGuideS-1 update w guest speaker - Limits of...

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Exam #2 Review Guide Action Meaning of Action Words for action Transformative learning Action attributes Action and Plot Volition Motive Identity 3 kinds of learning Identity vs. Identification Identity and Narrative Three Dimensions Identity Attributes Looking glass self Central and Marginal Identities Complexity Complexity Attributes 3 types of complexities Far from equilibrium Curvi-linearity 3 elements that make things complex Emergence Predictability and complexity theory Embeddedness Initial conditions Verisimilitude Define Power Knowledge How to judge a story? Point-of-view Who is telling the story and how? From where is the story being told? Internal narrative External narrative Moral Attributes of Moral Narratives Moral agreement and disagreement Omnipotence of narrative Aesthetics Attributes of aesthetics Prototype
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Unformatted text preview: Limits of subjectivity • Wholistic Aesthetics • Aesthetic Experience • Four features of a good story Friday 4/25/08 Guest Lecture • Narratives that are critical to leadership (3) Loyalty: you can lead a term if there is no loyalty. Defined the moment he knows if he works for someone who has to be loyalty and respect them, they treat you back loyalty Be faithful for little things You have to be faithful for little things Be faithful and available (not too looking excuse) Be faithful and teachable( listening other) Be Loved and share pass on If you don’t have mentor, it will help you thru the life. • How can narrative effect and organization? (3 Ways) 1. culture how do you want your co. to look like? Let your people what is the culture of your company. Reinforce the culture 2. Strategies the goal you have 3. Development 1o who and why you want to take with you. 2o...
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  • Narratology, External narrative Moral, Marginal Identities Complexity, Initial conditions Verisimilitude, Review Guide Action

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Exam2ReviewGuideS-1 update w guest speaker - Limits of...

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