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speech to convince - abortion - SPEECH TO CONVINCE Siming...

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SPEECH TO CONVINCE Siming Zhu October 11, 2007 Title: Undoing Roe v. Wade : The Robbery of Every Woman’s Right to Choose. General Subject: Reproductive liberties and the right to choose. Specific Subject: Women in the U.S are losing their right to choose and obtain abortions. Purpose: To convince the audience that federal legislation, State restrictions, and a number of pro-life extremist groups are depriving women of their reproductive rights and the right to choose. Main Points: I. The recently passed federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act robs women of their right to privacy, right to health, and right to equality. II. Restricting the number of abortion clinics enables highly conservative pro-life States to limit women’s right to choose (and have) abortions by minimizing their right to life and right to health. III. Many religious pro-life organizations pose as “pregnancy clinics” to attract women who are considering abortion, and then use tactics such as intimidation and misinformation to take away their right to choose. Central Idea: The right to choose and have an abortion is a constitutional right won by women in the landmark case Roe v. Wade , and has paved the way for a number of other vital reproductive liberties; but these fundamental rights are being taken away by federal legislation, State restrictions, and narrow-minded organizations. Introduction: Freedom. Liberty. Equality. These are just three of the rights guaranteed to us by the U.S Constitution. America prides itself on being able to offer citizens these and many other rights, such as the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to privacy. However, these rights were not always equally available to all Americans. According to a timeline from the Center for Reproductive Rights ’ website, prior to 1973, American women did not fully have any of the rights I have mentioned (“Laws and Regulations…”). Before this time, most women did not possess full rights over their own bodies. So what happened in 1973 to change all that? Roe v. Wade , the landmark Supreme Court case that finally liberated and gave all women the rights over their own bodies. This crucial case in women’s rights legalized abortion in the United States. For the first time in U.S history, women were given the freedom to choose for themselves whether or not they wanted to have a child. Women finally had the same degree of freedom, liberty, and equality as men have already had for more than 150 years. Since its legalization, abortion continues be a very controversial issue, dividing Americans onto two sides. On one side there is the “pro-life” group, who firmly holds that abortion is unethical and should be illegal. On the other side is the “pro-choice” group, who 1
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firmly supports abortion on the belief that every woman is entitled to make the decision that is in her best interest. Personally, I am a strong supporter of women’s right to choose, because I have seen what a difference having this choice makes in a woman’s life. Think for a second what
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speech to convince - abortion - SPEECH TO CONVINCE Siming...

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