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Unformatted text preview: 8 psi/ft 3/ 2 ( 300 Column diameter, ft: Rectifying section Stripping section Packed height, ft Rectifying section Stripping section Total Pressure drop, psi NOR PAC 4.3 3.4 6.3 20.2 26.5 0.38 Montz 5.3 4.2 2.9 2.1 5.0 0.093 From these results, the column diameter for NOR PAC would be 4.5 ft without swaging. The column diameter for Montz would be 5.5 ft without swaging. The column height for NOR PAC, allowing 4 ft for disengagement, 2 ft for feed entry, and 10 ft for sump at the bottom would be 42.5 ft or say 43 ft. Similarly, the column height for Montz would be 21 ft. Exercise 7.52 (continued) Analysis: Summary (continued) The above may be compared with the existing plate column of Exercise 7.41: Column diameter, ft Column height, ft Pressure drop, psi Plate column 6.0 36 0.8 NOR PAC 4.5 43 0.38 Montz 5.5 21 0.093 The packed columns are smaller in diameter, the NOR PAC column significantly smaller. The Montz structure packing column is shorter in height and has much less pressure drop. The NOR PAC rings random packing column is taller and has signific...
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