07 2 the products are now computed by overall

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Unformatted text preview: puted by overall material balances: F = 100 = D + B and 50 = xDD + xBB = 0.96D + 0.07B. Solving these two equations, D = 48.3 mol/100 mol feed and B = 51.7 mol/100 mol feed. Exercise 7.17 (continued) Exercise 7.18 Subject: Conversion of a distillation column to a reboiled stripper to obtain very pure toluene from a mixture of benzene and toluene at 101 kPa. Given: A column with 8 theoretical plates, a total condenser, and a partial reboiler. Feed contains 36 mol% benzene and 64 mol% toluene. Reboiler produces 100 kmol/h of vapor. To obtain nearly pure toluene bottoms, feed is introduced to the top plate as a saturated liquid, with no reflux. Vapor-liquid equilibrium data are in Exercise 7.13. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Find: (a) Minimum feed rate and corresponding bottoms composition. (b) Bottoms rate and composition for a feed rate 25% above the minimum. Analysis: (a) The minimum feed rate corresponds to a rate equal to the boilup rate so as to give an L / V = 1.0. Thus, the minimum feed rate = 1...
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