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Unformatted text preview: the bottoms of xB = 0.001. The resulting y5 is essentially the same as that for the analytical method. Thus, again, B = bottoms in still = 63.49 kmoles. Analysis: Graphical method (continued) Exercise 7.25 (continued) Exercise 7.26 Subject: Distillation of acetone and isopropanol, taking into account tray efficiency. Given: Saturated liquid feed of 50 mol% acetone and 50 mol% isopropanol. Column is equipped with a total condenser, and a partial reboiler. Reflux ratio, L/D, is 0.5. Murphree vapor efficiency = 50%. Vapor-liquid equilibrium data at 1 atm are given, with acetone being the more volatile component. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Find: Number of actual trays required to achieve a distillate of 80 mol% acetone and a bottoms of 25 mol% acetone, inserting the feed at the optimal location. Analysis: In the McCabe-Thiele diagram below, the equilibrium curve is plotted from the given data. The q-line is vertical, passing through x = 0.5. The rectification operating line has a slope, L/V,...
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