12 26 6th edition has a saturation pressure of 35

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Unformatted text preview: 6th edition) has a saturation pressure of 35 psia at 0oF. Exercise 7.5 Subject: Need for testing or piloting a distillation separation. Find: Circumstances that require laboratory or pilot-plant testing of a proposed distillation. Analysis: Laboratory and/or pilot-plant testing is recommended for: 1. A new mixture not previously separated by distillation. 2. A sharp and critical separation. 3. A mixture with uncertain vapor-liquid equilibria data. 4. A lack of experience with tray efficiency for the mixture. Exercise 7.6 Subject: Economic tradeoff in distillation. Find: Reasons for tradeoff between trays and reflux. Analysis: It is well known that for a given separation, as the number of trays is increased, the reflux ratio can be decreased. Thus, as the tower height is increased, the vapor and liquid traffic up and down the column can be decreased. Therefore, the column diameter can be decreased. Also the condenser and reboiler duties and sizes, and the utility requirements can be decreased. Therefore,...
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